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A place for you who are garden- and nature interested
Stay in Perpersgårdens attic in the brew house, in Gussjö village, and its old environment. Gussjö village is therefore an interesting village with dates back to the 14th century.
You will have views over the Gussjö from the attic.
The Gussjö is a bird lake that is a part of the Svartådals Ramsar and Natura 2000 area.
In the Gussjö nests brown harrier, crane, sing swans and more.
Here you can find potentials to fish in this lake, both winter and summertime.

The attic, Per Persgårde
Stay in reverence full newly renovated flat in the attic, with the highest standard both winter and summertime. In the flat you can find your own kitchen with fridge, freeze, stove and kitchen equipment for yourself; ore possibility to breakfast with the hosts, if it has been decided. Own bathroom with washbowl, toilet and shower is included.
Four beds, two separate in dux beds, and one double bed in new bed-settee. Bedclothes and towels are included. You will have access to TV and your own car parking, but no pets, thou.

The garden of Per Persgården
Per Persgården has got a wonderful garden, with many rooms, portals, beauteous stone paths, lawns with old apple trees. The bushes and trees has an old culture history. We have different kind of roses and climbing plants, a wonderful blue blossom bower and a big greenhouse. In the garden, we have a lot of separate places to relax ore spend time with each other.

In the early spring, the garden is full of blue bowing scilla and crocus. In May and June flower the apple trees, azaleas, tulips and perennials. In July comes lot of old fashion and newer rosebushes, peonies, lilies and lots of perennials. After that come daylilies and more. If you want to visit the garden, please call and make an appointment before your visit. Visitors approximately of the amount of one bus.

Where you can find us?
Perpersgården is located nearby the Gussjö. From here it is 2 km to store, petrol and kiosk, 4 km to bath and sand beach, possibility to rent a canoe, ore a rowing boat, 5 km to Sätrabrunn Spa och Konferens, 20 km to Sala, and 40 to Västerås.

Monica Yngvesson and Karl-Erik Johansson
Mobile 0046 70 58 99 055

This site is still under construction.

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